Tech Tuesday!

Hi guys, another Tuesday another review. This time I am reviewing the Samsung galaxy buds pro from an iOS user’s perspective. Let’s get into it.

I had my reservations going into this, as all research I did prior to getting the Galaxy buds pro were not the least bit convincing. I still decided to anyways.

In terms of setup as well as connectivity, it was quite straightforward I will say. I mean the iOS app for it is not supported, I just went Bluetooth way. For sound, ANC is was not bad but could be great, especially as I am coming from using Sony & Jabra. The controls are a tad annoying because adjusting the buds to stay in place well sets it off. , so I had to use my partner’s to configure things and fit was not the best I think Jabra fit was much better for me

Who do I need to call to fix this? 😕

Would I recommend getting the buds pro if you use only Apple devices? Definitely not. Also if you have tragus piercing I would advice you stay away from these buds.

Catch you lot on the next one.. cheers


Tech Tuesday

Hi guys,

It has been a whileeee… I know. I come bearing gifts of a review as title of the post says.

I have always had small ears, it has not been much of a big deal to me, until recently i find myself in the techy world. This issue, is what has hindered me from jumping on earbuds wagon. My ears are just too small even for regular earphones, as they always pop out & as such I have never really looked into earbuds. Now I am kind of tired of headphones (currently using Sony WH-1000XM3), so I have decided to give earbuds a try. Now let us get into the review.

So I got the Jabra Elite active 75t to try out.
Setup was smooth and I would like to say I was impressed, I am not easily impressed. I had already downloaded the sound+ app when it came. I fitted the buds with the smallest size of eargels to get the perfect fit.

New Sound, who’s this? 👂🏾

The sound quality I will give it an 8 out of 10, call quality is a 9 out of 10, the sound+ app is smooth and easy to use. Active noise cancellation is actually impressive, I did not think earbuds could block out that much, because they are in the ear and headphones are over the ear so the block out so much. Controls and everything else is great as well, just that I miss sliding up & down on my Sony to adjust volume. The highest volume is actually really loud and I absolutely love it, yes I know it’s not ideal for my eardrums but hey it is what is.

For the fit, my right ear is just perfect but my left ear, not so much as it kept falling out. First day using it, left earbud fell out, but luckily I was in a controlled environment so I spotted it quickly. After falling about 4 times, I decided to use just the right earbud but my ear got tired after a while. It is just a shame that I cannot get perfect fit for my left ear, so I had to return them, only reason I did if I am being honest.

I highly recommend getting these earbuds, especially for iOS users worried about seamless connectivity, call quality, sound and overall performance.

Thanks for stopping by and getting through this review with me. Catch you lot on the next one.

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SKIN 101!

For the past couple of months, I have taken my skincare routine seriously, which I will say has brought me great results & satisfaction. I haven’t worn makeup for past 3 months as I tried this routine out, but I have started slowly easing into my makeup routine as well & see how it goes with this.

Simple facial cleansing wipes- first step is to clean your face with wipes. I use this particular one because it properly removes waterproof mascara, as well as gentle on the skin.
CeraVe foaming cleanser- I use this twice daily, every morning & evening on wet face & wash thoroughly.
Super Facials clay mask- once or twice a week is enough to see results. I started with twice weekly (Thursdays & Sundays) for first 2 months & now I’m doing it once a week on Wednesday nights.
Bio oil- I use few drops every evening all over my face concentrating on where blemishes as well. It helps eliminate scars, blemishes & uneven skin tone.
CeraVe facial moisturising lotion- I apply pea size amount to my face, concentrating on blemishes/spot prone area(s) more. Use pea size because thats all you need really & even a small amount is long lasting.

This isn’t in anyway a sponsored ad so there are no links to purchase or discount codes, but these products aren’t expensive at all. You will notice this about drugstore brands a lot.

After doing this consistently twice weekly for the past couple of months now & seeing results, which I am happy about I’m sharing this, as might help someone as well who knows.
Do note that we all have different skin types & react differently to products, as such this might have worked for me but might not work for next person.

PS: before trying any skincare products especially for your face, make sure to do extensive research & speak to a specialist as well.

Happy midweek guys. Stay safe xx


2020 so far…

Well, who would have thought a global pandemic would come along & literally mess everyone up. Sigh!

Most of you who know me, know how much I enjoy travel & food photoblogging , but unfortunately thanks to one who must not be named, that aspect of my life has been on hold. Looks like every other aspect as well, maybe not with work, as that is the only thing going on as planned.

Started the year, with wonderful plans & all my holidays planned out to a T, but oops.

I also thought maybe, the love of my life would come along & sweep me off my feet but I’m still standing tall, so maybe not 😂😂

Work?… oh it’s great. Business as usual & it’s booming, money is being made & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I guess, life isn’t so bad tho, things are easing up. I can go about my foodie shenanigans again & I’m looking at trying out domestic travelling. Which I’m looking forward to.

I’m becoming a year older in a couple of days. I have a job, my bills are paid, I’ve got a place to call mine, good health, clear skin & no man problems, so guess who wins at the end of the day, me & not you Covid 🙄

Anyways, lovely weekend guys & see you all soon. xx


Homemade salad & scrambled eggs!

My quick fix homemade salad & scrambled eggs

You will need


2 large eggs


Bell pepper(yellow, red & green)




Powdered pepper(optional)


Oil or butter



– Wash lettuce & cut as desired into brine solution (tip: cleans veggies well)

– Rinse & serve onto a plate

– Garnish with mayo


-Dice tomato, onion & bell peppers into a bowl

-Break eggs into the bowl

-Add salt & powdered pepper to the bowl & whisk away

-Grease frying pan with a little oil or butter & bring to fire

-Pour egg mixture into the pan & fry till golden

-All done, serve & Bon appetite!

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Hey guys, it’s lunch o’ clock and we are having eto . First attempt at trying it & if I’m being honest it actually bangs.



Palm oil

Fresh pepper

Fish powder






Peel plantain & put in a saucepan with enough water, add salt & the egg & cook

Wash & set aside earthenware bowl

Wash onion & pepper & dice onion

Drain water from plantain & set aside

Pour palm oil into saucepan & bring to medium heat

Add a handful of diced onion & 2 tablespoonful of fish powder

Put diced onion & pepper into earthenware bowl & grind until smooth

Add groundnuts & grind as well, while adding palm oil to it & make sure to mix well

Now add cooked plantain to into the grounded paste in batches making sure it’s properly mashed

All done now, serve

Garnish as you desire

Bon appetit.

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My recipe for eba & okro stew. Can be eaten as lunch or even supper.


Palm oil





Smoked salmon



scotch bonnets (fresh pepper)

XO beef cube

Fish powder




-Wash salmon, beef, crabs & vegetables(tomato, onion, okro) & cut vegetables.

-Blend scotch bonnets (fresh pepper) & onions together then set aside.

-Boil cut okro for some minutes & set aside.

-Boil the crabs for some minutes, 20 should be fine.

– Pour water into a saucepan & add beef, a tablespoon of blended onion & pepper paste & crush XO cube into it & boil for 25 minutes.

-Pour palm oil into clean saucepan & bring to fire.

– Add blended onion & pepper paste, let simmer for sometime then add salt & fish powder.

– Add chopped tomatoes & let it cook.

– Add cooked okro let it simmer for a few minutes then add crabs & beef.

– Add smoked salmon & allow it to finally cook.

– Boil water in clean saucepan, once water start forming bubbles add gari to it & stir. The amount of gari & water needed for this step will depend on how hard or soft you prefer your eba & also number of servings.

– All done now, dish out & garnish if you desire with cut onion

Bon Appetit!

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1 large size avocado 

Milk (evaporated, whole or full cream)
Vanilla essence 
Cinnamon powder 
Put ice in a blender 
Peel & cut avocado into the blender 
Pour 100g of milk into it
Add a tablespoon of honey 
Add half a teaspoon of vanilla essence 
Blend on full power 
Pour smoothie into a cup 
Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon powder & honey to garnish 

PS: I used evaporated milk because I like my smoothies very thick.


Homemade eggy corned beef stew & boiled yam.

Hi guys,

Happy Sunday from me & my plate of happiness.

Here is a step by step guide to creating your own happiness as well.

You will need:



Cooking oil

Fresh pepper

Onions- 2

Fresh tomatoes- 6

Yellow bell pepper- 1

Carrots- 1

Eggs- 4

Corned beef

XO beef cube



Wash all vegetables with water (fresh pepper, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, carrots) & cut them

Put fresh pepper & some of cut onion into a blender & blend into a paste

Pour oil into a saucepan & put on fire

Put rest of onions into the saucepan

Add the blended paste to it & let it simmer till golden with intermittent stirs

Add tomatoes, some salt to taste & allow it cook

Put rest of cut vegetables into the stew

Allow it to simmer for some minutes, break eggs into it but do not stir

After some minutes stir gently while breaking OX cube into it. Do not over stir

Add corned beef with slight stir, then allow it to simmer a bit

And it’s done


Peel & cut yam into sizeable pieces

Wash thoroughly under running water

Put yam into clean saucepan, add water & salt & put on fire

After about 25 minutes, check yam for softness & drain water as it’s ready

Dish out some stew & yam onto a plate & serve

Bon Appetit!

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Hi guys, so as promised my crêpe recipe is ready. Now let me add this is not your regular everyday plain crepe, these have a little fun twist. I tried two different flavours, baileys & cinnamon. Hope you like it.
Pancake mix 
(If you don’t have mix no worries, you can use all purpose flour) 
Milk- 200g
Eggs- 4
Cinnamon powder 
Lemon juice
Vanilla essence
Pour 1 cup of pancake mix into a blender 
Add 100g of milk 
Add a tablespoon full each of baileys, vanilla essence & lemon juice
Break 2 eggs into the blender with other ingredients & blend on full power
Pour the fine batter into a bowl
Put frying pan on fire & add a little butter about a teaspoon full
Fry batter in batches, using a deep ladle to scoop.
Repeat previous step till batter is finished
Garnish with honey


Pour 1 cup of pancake mix into a blender

Add 100g of milk

Add a tablespoon full each of cinnamon powder & vanilla essence

Break 2 eggs into the blender with other ingredients & blend on full power

Pour the batter into a bowl

Put a frying pan on fire & add a little butter about a teaspoon full & fry batter in batches

Repeat previous step till batter is all done

Melt a tablespoon of butter & mix with 2 tablespoons of honey

Garnish with melted butter & honey & sprinkle a bit of cinnamon powder onto your crêpes.

All done now, enjoy

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Happy week guys 🥞